Rainmaker Sales Page Review


Unleash Your Sales Page's Hidden Potential


And transform your online business from 'doing okay' to 'Holy SH*T we've made how much this month?!

Rainmaker Sales Page Review is the most effective way to unlock your sales page's hidden money-making potential in no time flat, using specific strategic insights tailored to your growth.


How Does the Rainmaker Sales Page Review Work?


First, I dive deep into better understanding your business and your current situation with a detailed questionnaire.

Then, armed with this information, I audit your entire sales page - dissecting everything from top to bottom, inside and out.

Things such as the proper presence of the 3 fundamental aspects of a high-converting sales page, your copywriting, your user experience, your lead generation strategy (and how it fits with your current business model) -

And TONS of other aspects that directly contribute to your business converting even the most reluctant visitors into paying customers.


Here's What's Included


✅A 60-min Video Recording: Packed with ridiculously valuable insights regarding problems with your sales page & ways of fixing them

✅Professional Transcriptions: So you get the most out of the conversion-boosting revelations mentioned in the video review

✅On-the-spot Copy Rewrite: I also get down & dirty, and rework a particularly problematic section of your sales page - on the spot

✅1-on-1 Consulting: Pick my brain for a full 30 minutes of extremely valuable Q&A, during which you can ask me anything


What Happens During a Rainmaker Sales Page Review?


Copywriting Audit

Anything sold on a sales page is sold with words - including video. Most people don't realize it but the quality of your copy here is the single biggest factor responsible for your success. It literally makes or breaks a sales page.

That's exactly why the first thing I'll review is the quality of your copy: is it easy to read, does it produce a strong emotional response, are there psychological triggers to make it persuasive? I dissect everything and come back with answers.

It'd be so cool if I wrote on this thing for real!


Live copy rewrite for one area

Not only do I review your sales page, I also get down & dirty and personally rework a particularly problematic section of it - on the spot! Maybe it's your hook that's supposed to grab attention, the part where you present your offer, the section that builds desire, or anything in between.

One thing's certain: I won't end the review until you get a significantly better version of this section that elevates the persuasiveness of your page to new heights!


Conversion Optimization Tips

After auditing your copy, I analyze your sales page from a conversion aspect as well, focusing on often overlooked elements that have a huge impact on your sales.

This process has its own science, and I heavily leverage my 10+ years of experience as a psychology researcher to discover problematic areas on your page that lower conversions - and come up with specific solutions to fixing them.


User Experience (UX) Test

Good copy + a conversion-optimized page is still lackluster without proper UX. Nowadays, visitors have an extremely low tolerance for poorly designed experiences, and they won't hesitate to bounce within seconds if they don't like what they see (or feel). 

That's why I also analyze your sales page form a UX perspective, sharing my own experience as well as best practices with you.


Business Objective Evaluation

The ultimate goal of your sales page is to make money. But does it work hand in hand with your overall business strategy? Is it truly compatible with your actual business model? And does it focus on your most important business objectives?

A truly profitable sales page has to be designed with these types of 'big picture' strategies from the ground up - otherwise, you're getting friction within your funnel. I'll help you pinpoint these inconsistencies and offer you a fresh new perspective on things.


This review is PERFECT for


✅People who want a long-term, reliable strategy for attracting (and converting) the right kind of leads

✅Small to Medium-sized business who want to multiply their growth and start playing in the big league

✅Online businesses that want to scale into an internet powerhouse and quickly dominate their market

✅People who understand that they need to invest in their business if they want it to be taken to the next level


This isn't the right fit for


❌People selling something that doesn’t work - you must already have something going and be good at what you do

❌'Wantepreneurs' who always like to make excuses and complain without doing anything

❌People who want to do everything on their own and they don’t understand the crazy value in working with an expert consultant

❌Anyone not serious about growing their business by another $100,000 - $1,000,000 in the next 12 months


Unleash Your Sales Page's True Money-Making Potential!


And start automatically generating tons of additional high-value customers every single month.

STEP 1: Complete the short form

1 Lessons

I dive deep into better understanding your business and your current situation with a detailed questionnaire.

STEP 2: I get to work and analyze your page

1 Lessons

Within a few days, I get busy and dissect your sales page, discovering key problems and identifying new ways to boost its profitability

STEP 3: You get an email when the review is ready

1 Lessons

Once the review is complete, you'll get an email with a link to a shared Google Drive folder, and a Calendly link where you can book your 30-min Q&A call

STEP 4: We hop on a final Q&A call

1 Lessons

This call happens on Zoom, and you can ask me anything regarding the insights within the review video. I'm yours to pick my brain for 30 full minutes