The 7-Day Rainmaker Email Sequence


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Grow your sales with this "done-for-you" 7-day email campaign… even if you've never written a single line of copy in your life!


Have You Ever Had Difficulty Selling Your Stuff Online with Email?

Have you ever felt like...

Creating all the emails you need for your online business to be overwhelming?

And have you ever wished that all of this was simply...‘taken care of’ for you?

If you’ve said YES to any of these questions...

Let me show you how you can make this problem go away, in literally a few minutes.

With a complete email sequence made specifically for selling digital products,

And tested on hundreds of different funnels with profound results!


I remember when I started writing emails.

I was led with the promise that I just write the email...

Click send...

And all of a sudden…

The money would come RRRollin' in!

I was  RUDELY awakened. 

I’d put all this effort, time, and money into crafting the perfect email - yet when I hit send...


Nothing happened. Nobody bought. No one cared.


I finally learned how email marketing REALLY worked… with my own blood, sweat, and tears.

What I then realized was that crafting high-converting emails that sell wasn’t all that difficult.

All you needed to do was to follow 3 simple steps:

  1. Build rapport before selling
  2. Coach the conversion context
  3. Sell without being sleazy

Once I learned these 3 concepts, the benefits were AMAZING!

My open rates tripled.

People started bonding with me even before they knew me.

And they actually started clicking the links in my emails, going to my page, and buying my stuff!

All because I finally understood how selling through email really works.

So I took all that I’ve learned over the years… helping dozens of 6 and 7-figure companies boost their sales with email -

And condensed the very BEST stuff into a ridiculously effective email template pack, surgically designed to sell digital products with deadly efficiency!

So today, I want to invite you to check it out...



A complete plug-n-play email campaign built specifically to sell digital products & services even if you've never written a single line of copy in your life.


Simply grab the "fill-in-the-blanks" templates, customize them to fit your offer, and start sending high-converting emails within minutes.

Listen, I’ve personally used this exact formula to make hundreds of thousands of dollars for my clients...

And now, I’m making it available to the public for the first time.

Normally I charge between $200-400 for writing just ONE of these emails - but now you can grab the entire 7-day sequence, made up of 7+1 high-converting emails for just $28!

That's just $3.5 PER email. It's crazy.


What You Get


✅8 High-Converting Email Templates

Each one easily customizable to fit your business within minutes, optimized for consistently high opens & clicks

✅Everything Neatly Laid Out 

Just open the document, fill in the blanks, paste the email in your ESP, and hit send. It's literally that easy!

✅Proven Email Strategy Done for You

Use the sequence to turn casual subscribers into profitable customers on autopilot, in just 7 days

✅2 Subject line Variations Per Email

Allows for easy A/B testing so you can grab attention and maximize open rates consistently.


What Makes This Different


❤️CONVENIENCE: Never write from scratch

The 7-Day Rainmaker Email Sequence was designed for busy entrepreneurs who simply don't have the time to write all these emails on their own, and they don't want to shell out $1000-3000 to hire a copywriter with similar results.

Instead, you just download the template pack, read the instructions, fill in the blanks, and you're ready to start sending high-converting emails in minutes. 


❤️UNIVERSAL: Works for any digital product

Regardless if you sell online courses, coaching programs, consulting packages, or an ebook - the 7-Day Rainmaker Email Sequence is perfect for you.

It doesn't matter if you're just starting out and you're on a budget, or you're an already-established business owner looking for your next high-converting email sequence without wasting too much time or resources. This can help.


❤️LUCRATIVE: More sales on autopilot

These are proven templates that consistently get high open rates & click-through rates, without "burning out your list" or sounding like a late-night infomercial that everyone hates.

They build genuine connection with your audience, give real value, and only sell more directly once your readers are " warmed up" - however, once they are, they'll be begging you to take their money


Seriously, What do You Stand to Lose?


You can get yourself an average dinner


You can get yourself a FULL email sequence perfect for selling digital products online, for just $28 - and do it risk-free because you're covered by my 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

That's $3.5 per email - it’s a no-brainer!

Remember, while others keep struggling without doing anything about it... people who make wise decisions and act quickly are the most likely to get the results they want.

What are YOU going to do, ?

What is the 7-Day Rainmaker Email Sequence?

1 Lessons

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The 7-Day Rainmaker Email Sequence

1 Lessons

How the Emails Break Down


This complete sequence is made up of 7+1 high-converting emails that work together to gradually "warm up" your reader, build rapport, and then sell when they're much more receptive to buying.


Day 1 - Welcome subscriber + deliver lead magnet

First impressions are important. And that’s why the purpose of this email is to a) deliver on your promise, and b) establish a friendly connection with your subscriber, asking them to share something with you.

This micro-commitment is important for the later stages of the campaign.


Day 2 - Value-builder email #1

​At this point, you have the permission to your subscriber’s inbox but that doesn’t mean they want to buy from you just yet. So you build more rapport and trust by giving away genuinely valuable advice/free resources, without asking anything in return.

The goal is to get them to consume more content from you.


Day 3 - Value-builder email #2

​At this point, your subscriber has received a few valuable pieces of content from you but you’re still not done. In this email, you open up a bit more and talk about a burning pain your ideal customer is likely experiencing, to build even more rapport.

You don’t ask for anything but this time, you DO tease your offering.


Day 4 - The "big reveal" launch email

​It’s time to reveal your offering to your warmed-up subscriber. This email gives a general, benefit-driven overview of your product/service, builds desire for it, and positions it as the perfect solution to your subscriber’s problem.

Don’t be afraid to make this longer, people need these specifics. The goal of the email is for people to click-through to your sales page. 


Day 5 - "Is this right for me" email

​The purpose of this email is to pre-emptively answer some inevitable objections and to position your product/service as THE perfect solution for your ideal customer, and disqualify people who would be a bad fit.

This creates an immense amount of trust and makes the right people want this even more.


Day 6 - Burning desire-building email

This email is designed to knock people off the fence by highlighting all the incredible value they’re getting, as well as offering them something unique if they sign up.

It also starts escalating the sense of urgency that your campaign should have (evergreen, timed promotion, etc.)


Day 7.1 - "Paint the dream" email

​It’s the last day and your subscribers are probably well-aware of your campaign but they’re still on the fence. So this email is all about describing their desired ideal situation once they have your product/service, while also reminding them of the fear of missing out.

This is a very powerful email and works really well.


Day 7.2 - Final reminder email

This is your last email and it’s all about urgency and the fear of missing out. Although short, it’s extremely powerful in moving people to buy your offering, and you’ll actually see a lot of sales in the last few hours of your campaign.

Congratulations, you did it :) Now wait 1-2 months and you can run the campaign again.