Rainmaker Email Mastery


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Without being sleazy, pushy, or losing your sanity in the process


You can barely write your own grocery list


You confidently turn your readers into an automatic revenue engine


Wasting tons of time on random tactics or selling your pants to pay for it



The easiest ‘no-nonsense’ system to confidently & consistently Sell More with Emails - Using my Elegant Persuasion Framework


Rainmaker Email Mastery is an easily digestible video course that goes deep into writing emails that sell, without all the fluff and filler content.

It’s surgically designed to give everything you’ll ever need to plan, write, and refine a high-converting email in a single afternoon!

That’s right: 100% lean strategies and 0 % BS.

I took everything I’ve ever learned about email marketing and simplified it down to its core essence - cutting all the fat, adding tons of practical resources...

...and streamlining everything - so that you’re left with a complete framework that’s guaranteed to give a major boost to your business.




✅Arm yourself with a down-to-earth explanation on why email marketing is still the uncontested KING of marketing channels, and how to easily make it work for you without breaking a sweat

✅Take the guesswork out of planning your campaign by uncovering the 3 foundational best practices of EVERY successful email - so that you know exactly if you’re on the right track or not

✅Ethically persuade anyone to take action right now, by mastering 6 crazy-effective psychological sales triggers - PERFECT for emails - and backed by the latest scientific research

✅Take whatever you’re offering from ‘nice’... to... ‘OMG I want that right now!’, by using a secret psychological ‘loophole’ in your reader’s mind that will skyrocket your appeal almost instantly

✅Banish EVERY last drop of uncertainty behind your campaigns by taking a crash course in the often-overlooked but extremely powerful tool of successful marketing: Customer research

✅Use my ‘Triangle of Buying Behavior’ framework to further refine these core buying behaviors - giving you unrestricted access to your ideal customer’s deepest emotional drives



✅Gain insider access to the lesser-known DNA’ of a High Converting Email - the secret genetic code that gives life to apex emails with the power of 800-pound gorillas for your business

✅Acquire the ability to design the high-level specifics of a kickass email in just 4 minutes, with the powerful & easily repeatable ‘3-Step Email Design Process’ that cuts down your efforts

✅Go from abysmal open rates to unignorable mailbox dominator within 10 mins, even if you can barely write your grocery list, with my ‘3-Step Process’ to writing captivating subject lines

✅Steal my CRAZY collection of over 100+ ‘fill-in-the-blank’ subject line formulas and over 500+ swipes so you never have to write from scratch (just pick a formula, use it, and see results!)

✅Banish “blank page syndrome” forever and always feel completely confident in your writing because this lesson is ALL about empowering you with practical tools that make writing EZ

✅Learn how to easily take your readers on an emotional joyride that acts as a slippery slope, so at the end of this journey they’ll be eager to buy whatever you’re offering - no questions asked



✅Gain exclusive insights into how to demolish your competition and eat their lunch using hidden tactics that very few email experts know about (this is some REAL next-level stuff!)

✅Watch me ‘over-my-shoulder’ as I dissect 3 six-figure emails written by the best in the business: a kickass sales-, an affiliate promotion-, and an urgency email (+ 4 more in the vault!)

✅Gain unshakeable confidence and unprecedented control in your email crafting abilities by knowing exactly what to look out for, how to maximize your effectiveness, and how to fix issues

✅Use my extensive, 19-point copywriting checklist to completely melt your prospect’s eventual objections and quickly bring them over to “your side” - without actually manipulating them

✅Learn how to use more advanced laws of psychology to further increase your effectiveness (based on a vast universe of scientific research that direct marketers have blithely ignored!)

✅Uncover an often-overlooked but extremely powerful ‘Battlefield Principle’ technique that’s surgically designed to grab your reader’s attention by the balls and make their blood boil

...and much, much more!



3 in-depth, no-fluff, no-bs practical workbooks (one for each module 

40 proven 'fill-in-the-blanks' email templates​ (​for digital products, ecommerce, coaching, and more!)

6 special bonuses worth over $612 (but yours free when you enroll to rainmaker email mastery)




In-depth modules, 9 practical lessons, 3 helpful workbooks

Over 3 hours  of Full HD video content (+mp3s!)

40 Proven 'done-for-you' Email Templates

Self-paced lessons to watch anywhere, anytime

6 crazy-valuable BONUSES (worth $612)

12 useful worksheets, checklists, & turbo formulas

A ridiculous 200+ subject line formulas & 500+ swipes

Lifetime all-inclusive membership (including FREE future updates!)

Instant access & securely encrypted checkout

Iron-clad 30-day money-back guarantee


While others keep struggling without doing anything about it...

Let me ask you something:

In the next 3 months, what will you do to dramatically grow your business?

If you're happy staying at your current level, that's great - it's certainly an achievement and you're already ahead of most people.

Or if you know PRECISELY what you're doing to grow by at least 40-50% in the next 3 months, then honestly, this course probably isn't for you.

However, if you're looking for a proven way to grow, and you're stuck - whether it's lackluster sales, low conversions, or not enough customers - my question to you is this: 

Do you know how to get from here to where you WANT to be?

Do you know - exactly - why your audience isn't responding to your sales messages as you'd like them to?

And do you know how to optimize these messages so that you see predictable results a week from now, a month from now, and literally add 50% to your business 3 months from now?

If you do, that's awesome. But if you don't, there's never been a better opportunity to gain these insights.

Remember, while others keep struggling without doing anything about it... people who make wise decisions and act quickly are the most likely to get the results they want.

What are YOU going to do, ?

Demystifying ‘Subject lines’ and ‘From lines’ (9:39)

1 Lessons

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1 Lessons

Module 1: The Essential Fundamentals of High-Converting Emails

5 Lessons

  • Lesson 1: The Untapped Power of Email Marketing and Your Email List (12:01)
  • Lesson 2: The Psychology of Selling with Email (10:54)
  • Lesson 3: How to Uncover the True Wants & Needs of Your Ideal Customer (14:12)
  • WORKBOOK - Module 1
  • QUIZ - Module 1

Module 2: Email Inception

5 Lessons

  • Lesson 1: The Anatomy of a High-Converting Email (13:13)
  • Lesson 2: Demystifying ‘Subject lines’ and ‘From lines’ (9:39)
  • Lesson 3: My Step-by-step Formula for Creating the Perfect Email Body (25:07)
  • WORKBOOK - Module 2
  • QUIZ - Module 2

Module 3: 10X Your Sales Emails

5 Lessons

  • Lesson 1: In the Trenches - Examples of Rockstar Sales Emails in Real Life (23:57)
  • Lesson 2: 6 Common Email Marketing Mistakes and Why your Open Rates Suck (10:29)
  • Lesson 3: Advanced Hacks to Take Your Emails to the Next Level (8:31)
  • WORKBOOK - Module 3
  • QUIZ - Module 3


6 Lessons

  • Subject Line Hero
  • 500 High Emotion Words
  • Six Figure Emails Swipes
  • CASE STUDY - The Anatomy of a Profitable Sales Email
  • The Ultimate Email Checklist
  • List of Kickass Email Marketing Tools

The 7-Day Rainmaker Email Sequence

2 Lessons

Grow your sales with this "done-for-you" 7-day email campaign, built specifically to sell digital products & services - even if you've never written a single line of copy in your life!

Simply grab the "fill-in-the-blanks" templates, customize them to fit your offer, and start sending high-converting emails within minutes - without being sleazy, pushy, or losing your sanity in the process.

32 Proven 'fill-in-the-blanks' Email Templates

4 Lessons

  • 13 Essential Ecommerce Scripts
  • 7 Useful Info Business Scripts
  • 5-part Cold Consulting Sequence
  • 8 Yearly Special Occasions

Congratulations, you did it!

1 Lessons