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The Game of Conversions Video Library

13 Lessons

Get up to date, actionable insights focusing on profitable marketing strategies, real-life case studies, persuasive copywriting backed by Psychology - and even 'in the trenches' reports of what works & what doesn't in 2019 when it comes to digital marketing.

The Ultimate Email Checklist

1 Lessons

This value-packed checklist reveals how to send awesome emails in 2019 that always hit the jackpot, without breaking a sweat!

39 Proven Headline Formulas

1 Lessons

Use these powerful headline formulas to shock people out of their zombie state, stop them dead in their tracks, and get their blood pumpin' for your message.

5-Part Consulting Email Sequence

1 Lessons

Get this high-converting email sequence if you want to book yourself solid with qualified leads as consultant, doing nothing more than sending cold emails.

Subject Line Hero

1 Lessons

Go from ‘No clue at all’ ... to ... ‘Well, that was easy!‘ in just a few short minutes… impressing everybody with your face-meltingly effective subject lines that convert like crazy (in fact, people will start asking you for YOUR help to coach them with subject lines!)


  • 100+ Subject Line Formulas
  • 80+ Winning Subject Line Examples
  • 750 Proven Headlines (!)

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